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CodeLab: A Powerful Tool for Programming Instruction

CodeLab is the web-based interactive programming exercise system for intro programming classes in Python, Java, C++, C, JavaScript, C#, VB and SQL. First offered in 2002 to reduce attrition and raise the overall level of the class, it is a seasoned system that has been used in over 400 institutions in 20 countries and analyzed over 135,000,000 (one hundred thirty-five million) exercise submissions from more than 300,000 students.

A CodeLab has 200-800 short exercises, each focused on a particular programming idea or language construct. The student types in code and the system immediately judges its correctness, offering hints when the submission is incorrect. Through this process, the student gains mastery over the semantics, syntax and common usage of the language elements.

Below are a few exercises from the Arrays and Recursion sections of the C++ CodeLab.
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What our instructors say
"Our students and instructors credit the labs and the CodeLab for improved marks..." Jeremy Sills, Professor , University of Toronto

"CodeLab has indeed proven invaluable..." Glenn Jones, Professor Medgar Evers College

"It has helped me cover more material with better comprehension..." Marcus Darden, Professor, Olivet College

What our students say
"I think the CodeLab exercises are great..." Mark Manos, Student, University of Oklahoma.

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