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  • Testimonials

    "I have to admit I liked the interface and the load that it took off of me. Overall I was impressed with the product and will use it in my intro class again." -- Ken Whitener, Professor, Iowa Lakes Community College

    "I now highly recommend the use of CodeLab to all other instructors and students. It finally provides both the programming practice and evaluation support that I have been seeking for an introductory course." -- Michael Schultz, Instructor, University of Wisconsin

    "I really love your site. It has helped me cover more material with better comprehension than I've ever had before!" -- Marcus Darden, Professor, Olivet College

    "I just wanted you to know I've gone past the limit I needed to do for class, so I am through now. I'd like to thank you so much for all of your help. I learned more than I thought I would from this. Thanks again." -- Brian Yates, Student, Kansas State University.

    "I signed up for this at the start of the semester and thought it was going to be just tedious work, however it turned out to be very helpful in understanding some of the concepts in C programming." -- Greg M., Student, University of Akron

    "Turing's Craft, in my opinion, is the most important thing that has happened so far in the area of web-based programming instruction." -- Mike McMillan, Author/Professor.

     “I’ve been using Java CodeLab-100 since January of 2003 in my Introduction to Computer Programming class. Turing’s Craft is particularly helpful for students without prior programming experience, who are always at risk. Turing’s Craft gives students quick feedback on their responses, which leads them to keep trying to find the solution instead of giving up or writing down something that isn't correct without knowing it.
          My students are clearly enjoying this class more and experiencing significantly less frustration with computer programming than in past semesters, and Turing’s Craft is one factor in this success.
           We've received outstanding support from Turing’s Craft. They have immediately responded to all reasonable requests, and most of the unreasonable ones too. I'm a satisfied customer of Turing’s Craft and anticipate using this product in my introductory programming classes in the future.” -- Deborah Trytten, Professor, University of Oklahoma

    "Our students and instructors credit the labs and the CodeLab for improved marks. Learning by doing has helped the students. CodeLab has structured all those things that I have been telling the students to do for their own good. Now that I can check to see whether they have followed through I can reward their efforts." -- Jeremy Sills, Professor, University of Toronto

    "Code Lab has indeed proven to be invaluable in giving students additional hands-on experince and hence a better understanding of programming. The students have also given it favorable reviews. I will certainly be recommending it for next semester's introductory programming class." -- Glenn Jones, Professor, Medgar Evers College

    "I don't see how a CS1 class could be taught without something like CodeLab." -- Jacob D. Strouckler, Student, University of Oklahoma

    "So far I am getting more questions about concepts, software engineering and problem solving and fewer questions about Java basics – which is very good news!!” -- Rose Williams, Professor, SUNY/Binghamton

    "Personally I am very glad that we use Turing's Craft. Being a student who is entirely unfamiliar with java and actually ALL forms of computer programming, it really does help me learn the language by putting it to use. I truly feel that it has assisted me a great deal." -- Lindsay Fowler, Student, University of Oklahoma

    "I really enjoyed the way we were able to actually practice the techniques online. I liked how the user received instant responses to check your mistakes as you progressed." -- Jon L., Student, University of Maryland.

    “I’ve been on the site for 5 minutes and I like it. It’s pretty cool.” -- Student, University of Oklahoma

    "I saw a real increase in my test scores after using Turing's Craft. It broke down programming concepts into easy steps and helped me see how these concepts fit together, making my homework easier to do." -- Ethan A., Student, Brooklyn College.

    "I just wanted to let you know that I think the CodeLab exercises are great. I've had a little programming experience and I can't think of a better way to learn a language or concept than from experience itself. With CodeLab the user is allowed to interact with the program and is a great skill for learning. While not all of the bugs are worked out, the company is working in a professional manner to fix any problems that arise. Above all, I think these exercises are more fun than homework assignments which can sometimes be confusing and don't allow the student to interact with the code to see exactly what is happening. I'm glad you picked this new company to help out with our learning!" -- Mark Manos, Student, University of Oklahoma

    “I think Turing's Craft is great. I like it because we can listen in lecture and then go try the concept in a prepared lab in Turing's Craft. This is good because most people are not ready to make up their own lab. The only thing I would change would be to have the heading turn blue when you do all the exercises under a heading. It's also somewhat annoying it resizes my browser, it could at least ask.” -- B.B.D.  Student, U. Oklahoma

    "I really liked how there was immediate feedback. This allowed me to go through my notes and see what exactly I was doing wrong." -- Student, University of Maryland.

    “Turing’s Craft is very easy to use and definitely helped me grasp the concepts of C++ programming more easily. I am not even a computer programming major and I was able to write programs with ease after practicing with Turing’s Craft.” -- Nzinga Ebron, Student, Brooklyn College.

    “What I don't like about Turing’s Craft: I often don't expect the exercise to be as simple as it is, I work for a while, trying to make it into some long complicated statement when all they want is the # zero. I don't always know what exactly they're asking for.
          What I do like about Turing’s Craft:  I like that it familiarizes me with the vocabulary, I not only learn how to get the result I am seeking (through programming), but learn the vocabulary necessary to communicate to others what I am doing. I also like that it gives me more hands on experience with actual programming so to speak. Turing’s Craft is sort of a cross between the homework and projects, it familiarizes me with vocabulary and such (like the homework) and also lets you dabble in programming.” -- N.G., Student, U. of Oklahoma

    "My students have been using CodeLab and I am beginning to see an improvement in their skills." -- Holly Patterson-McNeill, Professor, Lewis-Clark State College

    "One of the best things that happened to me in this class was having to complete the CodeLab because I've learned so much as I struggled to do them." -- Carl Dorante, Student, Brooklyn College

    "I currently used CodeLab for some of my C assignments for the class, and it's easy to say I learned more from CodeLab than I did from my instructor (yet paid less,hmmmm...)" -- S. Grossman, Student

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    What instructors say
    "Turing's Craft, in my opinion, is the most important thing that has happened so far in the area of web-based programming instruction." Mike McMillan, Author/Professor. (more)

    What our instructors say
    "Our students and instructors credit the labs and the CodeLab for improved marks..." Jeremy Sills, Professor , University of Toronto

    "CodeLab has indeed proven invaluable..." Glenn Jones, Professor Medgar Evers College

    "It has helped me cover more material with better comprehension..." Marcus Darden, Professor, Olivet College

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